Muffin (muffinluvr4life) wrote,

Homecoming 2007.

Well. How about AMAZING! lol it was SO much fun. it really really was. Bennett left early but even he It was like, HOLD ONNN!!!! *GRABS HANDS OF SARAH AND BENNETT* and awaaaayyyy we go! into the crowd! heh... Bennett and I were walking around at one point going back to dance with Sarah and everyone and we just grabbed hands. it was like, HOLD ONNNNN!!! but at that point, there wasn't really any reason to hold on because the crowd was a bit less dense... it was just a reaction to moving into the crowd. Yep, sarah has us nicely trained. lol.

Anyyywayyyyyy, So, the dance was really great. Dominic learned to dance a bit (thank GOD. because just looking at him makes me SICK when he dances lmao... thank GOD for sarah!!!!!) and I convinced Chis (my Spanish sophmore friend that thinks i'm a nerd) that i'm really a bit of a.... okay, a pretty big... well... a FREAKING whore. lmao. because yeah, i was. between sarah AND kaite AND ashley? holy shit.

Graff got me.... snuck up behind and got on the ho train.... fuck. lmao. i basically should have ripped off my ass right there, but sadly there was no paramedic handy. The DJ sucked a bit too... Tremble? yeah, more like a slight shake...

i'm going to update about the shitty part of homecoming later. i'm so tired. i'm falling asleep.
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