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Sarah just left me a message about how she just passed Vegas. OH MY GOD... VEGASSSS!!!!

that's so amazing. Vegas was absolutely amazing..... lmao. i like how we call it vegas and it's really a dinky hotel on the beach with a pool and some serious memories.  Wow. Lets think back for a second... that was my... 14th birthday? holy shit... naww... that was my 13th?

uhh... there's vegas, vegas 2, and then this last dinky one... no! wait! gahh...

.... *asks sarah* she's useless.

Anyway, it was after my Bat-Mit. so i think it was my 14th. Vegas was a humongous bonding experience for our whole group. and it set the standard for amazing parties. lmao. it was a beach/pool party that involved a lot more truth or dare and dancing then actual pooling.... and that retarded room with the stupid chair and little bed is where i got my first kiss. which i'm rather happy with. most people regret their first kisses... smooie was a good person to waste a first kiss on. except, at the time i would rather of kissed bigman. lmao.

What happened in Vegas, STAYED in Vegas.... at least until we got home and told Mike. LMAO. it's a "secret" but really, it's the worst kept secret ever. and, in my opinion, Vegas 2 was better. but i don't think i kissed anyone at Vegas 2... so it's not as much of a controversial thing. So, after vegas officially ended and sarah and the gang (Cherry, Stevie, Eric, Liz.... and... i think i'm forgetting someone but i can't remember who...) left, it was just me and smooie left, and that was my FIRST real kiss. outside of all the truth or dare. but i wouldn't let him make out with me... it just wasn't right. and i don't regret that decision... i'm just sort of anxious now.  but that was a great day. actually, didn't eric kiss me that day? was that vegas 1 or 2? SARAH! lol i know you're useless... but remind me. anyway, he kissed my cheek. mostly so that everyone would shut up i think... but it was my left cheek and i remember because i was stunned for a good hour. lmao. sarah!! comment back with how the fuck you got him to do that. <3

anyway, that's one of my favorite memories... might as well remember it here.
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