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Alright, i swear to GOD i haven't dreamed in a year and here i go, dreaming again.

So, let me tell you about it. and sarah, i know this is really awkward. But seriously, this was my dream. and this eventually leads for a question for you lmao.


So, we were dancing like skanks.... again lmao. and all of a sudden, sean was there. yes, that sean. the one you kissed? my ex-boyfriend? brooke's boyfriend/makeoutbuddy/SEXPARTNERLMAO... sorry about that... anywayyyyy... we were sitting, talking, and all of a sudden we were sitting camp-style, aka I'm in front of him, laid back on him and he's behind me. keep in mind this is really weird because, as nice as sean is, i would absolutely NEVER date him again. he's too quiet.... and it would be BEYOND weird... he's sean... eww... lol <333. anyway, so now we're sitting like that and he says somthing (i can't remember what) and then he kisses me. this would usually be the part where i wake up from my dream. but no. of course not. i had time before i woke up to think, "if this is making out, either sean really sucks at it or it's just shitty in general." and THEN I woke up.... yep. it was bad. lmao. when i say it was bad, i mean, that was probably the worst kiss i'll ever have, and it didn't even HAPPEN. and, it was sean, which makes it..... funky.

anyway, so sarah... now i'm curious. does sean suck at kissing? because i only kissed him once and it wasn't bad. we didn't make out though lmao.

by the way, i'll reiterate this one last time, this was so freaking random... seans.... eww... and the best part? i have to look at him tomorrow in the bowling alley and NOT die laughing. <3333
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